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Airpark Collision Center is a Chevy, GMC, Buick and Cadillac Manufacturer Certified Auto Body Shop

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If your GM car, truck or crossover has been in an accident, choose Airpark Collision Center, your Chevy, GMC, Buick, Cadillac certified auto body shop. Receiving certification from the manufacturer means that we have passed inspection by GM. We have the right equipment, knowledge and customer track record to repair their brands correctly. Vehicles are engineered differently than they were 5+ years ago, with technology changing quickly. Fact is, not everyone can do a quality repair job. Anyone can disassemble a car, but putting it back together correctly is another story. Sometimes a collision jars sensors, modules and mechanical items. It is often more complicated than simply painting a new fender and installing.

When vehicles, leave Airpark Collision Center, your Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick auto body shop, they under go a quality control process. Of course, we look to see that adjustments, repairs, and paint is up to par, but we also test drive each vehicle. We check dashboard lights, road noise, alignment, and other possible mechanical concerns. Our focus is to return each vehicle to its pre-collision state, we simply do not cut corners when it comes to our customer’s vehicles.

Aesthetics are an important aspect of the repair, and that is why Airpark Collision Center, your Chevy, GMC, Buick, Cadillac auto body shop uses only premium products.

Since opening in 2006, we have been known for using quality materials to repair vehicles. For example, 3M and PPG Paint are both reputable product lines that deliver the best results. When we say, we are returning each vehicle to pre-accident condition-we mean it. The PPG Aqua Base line, is the same paint they use at Chevy, GMC, Buick and Cadillac factories. The product delivers a high quality finish and allows for excellent color matching.

Besides, using quality products, and hiring only seasoned technicians, we lead the valley with the latest auto body repair equipment. Our recently purchased paint booth is a Blowtherm down draft. As the technician is painting the pressurized air in the booth blows downward. This downward blowing action allows for a dust free paint job. We purchased this paint booth from the Blowtherm factory in Italy. This is the same booth that is used in Mercedes and BMW factories. Our state of the art frame machine is computerized and can realign the frame back to factory specifications. In addition our welding equipment, creates “factory welds”. This means when our customers sell their car, it’s difficult for someone to see that repairs have been made to their Chevy, GMC, Buick or Cadillac.

At least once a month, we receive a car from another auto body shop, sometimes the shop can’t reassemble the vehicle, sometimes the customer is unhappy with the last auto body shop and we are asked to make corrections. Obviously this is a hassle to the customer, which is why we encourage you to ask around, check reviews and choose a reputable auto body shop right from the start.

There is a reason why Airpark Collision Center, was chosen as a Chevy, GMC, Buick and Cadillac auto body shop by the manufacturer. Visit us for a free estimate!

Customer Reviews

"Great service and great, quality work! I'm a repeat customer of Airpark Collision Center LLC. I've used them twice in the last three years. I continue to use them because they have good pricing and good service, and they do quality work."

Angelo A.
Cave Creek , AZ

"Great service! Employees were polite and they kept me informed almost daily as to the progress of repairs to my suv. I would use their services again."

Susan K.
Scottsdale, AZ