Acura Auto Body Shop

Acura Auto Body Shop Manufacturer Certified

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006 and has participated in ProFirst’s Acura auto body shop program for years. What is ProFirst Certified? ProFirst was created by American Honda Motor Company, to ensure proper Acura collision repairs to their brand of vehicles. Acura is one of the divisions of Honda, and known as the premium line of Honda vehicles. So when your Acura has been compromised in a collision, it is important to keep in mind that all auto body shops are not the same!

Why Should I Choose an Acura Auto Body Shop?

It is your Acura and your choice of collision repair facility. Each brand of car varies and the more you spend, the more technology, safety features, etc. are part of your vehicle. Not just anyone can repair the auto body damage. Simply tell the insurance representative you are choosing Airpark Collision Center, an Acura certified auto body shop with a lifetime warranty on repairs.

What Certifications are Important?

Airpark Collision Center, does not just have mechanics, we have the highest level of certified technicians. Certifications do not get any higher than I-Car “Gold” Class and we have earned that status since the very beginning. I-Car Gold class is so difficult to achieve that only 10% of U.S. auto body shops have earned this level of certification.

Why is a ProFirst, American Honda Certification Critical?

I-Car Gold class is impressive, but when an auto body shop is manufactured certified that is even better! A ProFirst certification, takes the training and equipment to the next level to ensure the Acura auto body shop is qualified to repair their brand. Certification is annual and we are currently going through the process for our 2016-2017 accreditation. Besides earning I-Car Gold status, the technicians and estimators have taken many Honda/Acura collision repair courses. In addition to schooling, an inspector from ProFirst, American Honda Motor Company annually inspects our auto body shop to ensure we have the proper equipment and premium materials to achieve quality Acura auto body repairs. In addition, they require Acura auto body shops to have a long history of excellent customer service.

Specific Acura/Honda Training:

Most people do not know how much education is needed to repair collision damage. It is not as simple as pulling out a dent or attaching a new fender. Read below for more information:

  • High Strength Steel Repair:

The specialized Acura auto body training enforces where to weld, and where it is acceptable to make a cut (sectioning). Remember, it is not just about aesthetics it is about safety! It does not matter how great the car looks if the vehicle doesn’t hold up properly in another collision. In addition, Acura uses different grades of steel, and repair methods vary depending on the material, this is even more specialized training for our Acura auto body technicians.

  • Passenger Restraint System:

What about the passenger restraint system? This includes everything from seat belts to airbags. Our technicians know how to inspect, repair, initialize and calibrate these components. Again, it is Acura specific!

  • Electrical Collision Repair:

Our technicians are familiar with Acura’s electrical grounds, which are the most frequent cause of post accident electrical issues. Electrical wiring, connectors and collision related electrical damage are addressed specifically in relation to the Acura brand.

  • Acura A/C Repair:

Technicians are trained to repair A/C issues resulting from Acura collision damage. We inspect many components including the blower, fan, and switch circuits. It is also important to check the radiator, condenser and look for wiring damage.

Whatever repairs are needed, we have the training, experience and equipment to restore your Acura to pre-accident condition!

OEM Parts:

Airpark Collision Center prefers to use OEM factory parts. Using factory parts is no problem when you are paying for the repair yourself, however if you are filing an insurance claim, it depends on what the insurance policy (a legal contract) states regarding replacement parts. Believe it or not, sometimes the insurance company will only pay for aftermarket parts. What is your recourse? If we can prove the aftermarket part doesn’t fit correctly we can often get the insurance company to approve the OEM part. If the aftermarket part fits correctly, and OEM parts are important to you, the insurance company will often suggest you pay the upgrade difference.

Collision Repair Made Easy:

If you need Acura auto body repair, make it easy on yourself and choose the right auto body repair shop from the start. Unfortunately, we have had people come in after another auto body shop repaired their car. They say things like, “My car is making this weird noise and the auto body shop and insurance company won’t do anything about it.” This process can go smoothly or it can really interrupt your life. Airpark Collision Center works with all insurance companies and has the skills, equipment and commitment to quality that consumers expect. Our Acura manufacturer certification is just one more credit to our staff and our facility, proving we are committed to quality repairs.

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